March 21, 2018

Entertainment Industry veterans JD Seraphine and Benjamin Gerry builds digital engagement of the future with Coiin; Atari Movie revealed as initial partner

By Raiinmaker Communications Team

LOS ANGELES, CA —March 21, 2018—Entertainment industry veterans JD Seraphine, executive producer of Hickok and Co-Director Sirius (one of the highest grossing crowdfunds for a documentary in history), and Benjamin Gerry, casting for Miami Vice and producer of Sundance film Outlaws and Angels, today announced the founding of Coiin to build a social engagement platform to power digital engagements of the future. As experts in harnessing the power of the crowd, the team is taking advantage of recent technology advancements in the distributed ledger field to drive new, connected experiences for mobilizing community engagement.

Building a digital engagement platform

Seraphine and Gerry realized that the digital engagements of the future will be a social engagement platform, powered by distributed ledger technology that enables the efficient tracking of digital actions. The duo was able to turn to its core entertainment projects, such as the upcoming Atari Movie co-produced by Seraphine and Gerry, to provide network incentivization to quickly provide demand.

Tapping into Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers a way to record transactions or any digital interaction that is designed to be secure, transparent, highly resistant to outages, auditable, and efficient.

Coiin uniquely combines modern engagement solutions with blockchain technology to open the door to new engagements that delivers joint business value and innovation as well as value for the end user.

Atari Movie

Coiin also announced the Atari Movie is set to utilize the Coiin platform to leverage blockchain capabilities in the engagement of related campaigns. The Atari movie is currently in pre-production, and is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way as well as Vision Tree and Avery Productions. It’s being pitched as a biopic about Atari’s founder and his life story of starting out as a pinball machine repairman who went on to found one of the most iconic video game console brands.

“While the film has received offers from conventional and studio-sourced financing and marketing, we have elected to leverage blockchain technology to accelerate the filmmaking path in a whole new way, offering Atari fans the opportunity to share in the creation of this movie with us,” noted Coiin Founder, J.D. Seraphine.

Seraphine is the co-producer for Atari Movie, executive producer of Hickok, co-director on the feature documentary Sirius one of the highest grossing crowdfunds for a documentary in history. He has also raised financing for a number of media and tech projects including Hesher and Tony Nominated Play Rock of Ages.

Gerry provided casting for Michael Mann film Collateral, Miami Vice, and Hustle and Flow. He has worked on Academy Award winning films, generating over $1 billion in the box office. He is also a producer for the Sundance film Outlaws and Angels, the crowdfunded cult documentary Sirius, as well as Mully, and Hickok.

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