How to grow your Twitter earnings as an Influencer

July 15, 2020

By Team Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is a first of its kind influence marketing platform that tracks your various earned social interactions and rewards you for that earned media. We do this by establishing Marketing Campaigns for a project or company, define what the customer is they are trying to reach, and then place incentivization for influencers to help spread the project’s brand message to reach and conversate with new potential customers.

By utilizing our proprietary tech to improve matching, tracking, and reward processes; we are able to open up the influencer market to now anyone that simply has a voice of some sort. You see we believe everyone is an influencer and everyone should be rewarded for the social value they create from that voice. There just hasn’t been a vehicle to facilitate that, until now that is.

Why Twitter, the ‘look at this’ social platform

According to a study by Publicis and Twitter; 81% of people who use Twitter do so to keep up to date with the world around them. The mindset is one of discovery, which makes it a perfect platform to leverage your influencer marketing pursuits to introduce friends and strangers alike to some awesome new projects.

This is why Raiinmaker decided to prioritize expanding its tracking features for the Twitter platform. If people use Twitter to explore and make decisions, and end up buying something due to something you posted, you should be rewarded. You see at the end of the day, the job of the Marketer is to bring in traffic and every Marketer knows that the most valuable form of marketing is Word of Mouth Marketing. That is what Raiinmaker allows Marketers to reward you for.

Understanding Brand Positioning

Now that we have a campaign to promote thanks to Raiinmaker, and an ideal channel to conduct conversations thanks to Twitter; it is now up to you, the influencer, to grow the audience and deliver the content that creates the most conversation.

Every brand has something called a ‘Position’ in our mindspace. The easiest exercise to show this thought is starting with an industry, and think of the first brand that comes to mind. When I say “Car”, what brand do you think of? Let’s expand that, how about when we say “American Car”, what brand do you think of? And finally, if we say “Electric American Car?”

At this point most people will think of the company Tesla and that is due to the efforts they have done to establish themselves as the Electric American Car company. Of course there are many other positions they have established for themselves but this is just a example of specific keywords. Thus, more related conversations to establish such aimed positions, the better for the Marketer. And the better the Marketer does, the more budget and reward for you as an influencer to reap the benefits of.

Leveraging your Personal Brand

Believe it or not, you have a personal brand. You ARE a brand. To all your friends and family, there are specific words that when it comes to mind, they associate with you, just like they do with Tesla in our previous exercise. They trust your opinion in that area.

Raiinmaker provides prefilled content alongside the required hashtags and link to allow anyone to get started immediately; however to get the most engagement, and in return the most reward, the content to your followers must feel like it’s coming from you. The person they associate certain expertise and values.

In a 2017 article of the Harvard Business Review titled “What’s the Value of a Like?”, a study showed that the mere liking of a brand, does not influence online friends as it is a very weak endorsement and does not carry the same weight as a real-world recommendation. The end goal is to create that “deeper” social media endorsement that closes the effectiveness gap between real-world and digital recommendations.

A great example can be taken from a recent campaign held on Raiinmaker, promoting a Discovery Network Docuseries titled 'Open Source Money’. The user successfully conveys his passion for the overall value of the product, versus a mere ‘like’.

Closing Notes

By leveraging tools such as Raiinmaker, that track and reward the performance of your influence in a transparent matter, combined with the correct channel such as Twitter and organic messaging; you are set you to grow a twitter influence that not only establishes you as Influencer, but rewards you for that passion.

Be rewarded for what you love–join the beta program.

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