How many followers do you need to be an Influencer?

July 23, 2020

By Team Raiinmaker

On our users’ journey to become an influencer, I’ve noticed a common question start to come up. Exactly how many followers do I need to become an Influencer? But to tackle that question we first have to define what an influencer actually is.

An Influencer vs a person with Influence

The societal idea of what an influencer has grown to become someone who is making money off the social posts that they create on their various social networks. However there is a distinct difference though between someone we define today as an ‘influencer’ versus someone who has influence. And the person who has influence, IE the someone in a business’s niche or industry with sway over the target audience; that is the person that the business actually wants to hire. That is the person that you should aspire to be, to become a paid influencer.

We should also note that influencer marketing does not focus on celebrity endorsement. According to; they define influencers into 5 key tiers, with Micro-influencers actually performing the bulk of successful influencer marketing (at least 90% of it). Just ordinary people who have built up a solid social media following.

Majority of the tiers are broken down below:

  • Mega-influencers – social superstars with more than a million followers. These are often celebrities
  • Macro-influencers – influencers with between 100,000 and 1 million followers
  • Micro-influencers - someone who has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. While their following may be small(ish), their authenticity is high
  • Nano-influencers – somebody with fewer than 1,000 followers who has immense influence with a comparatively narrow niche.
  • Access via Innovation, Decentralized Identity

    Taking into consideration the given Tiers, the ‘Mid-Tier’ is already defining the medium influencer as having 50k to 500k followers! I can see how that could already be disheartening to someone who feels that they could provide real value from their influence even though they may not have the ‘mid-tier’ following.

    However, in a recent New York Times article, Mae Karwowski, the chief executive of Obviously, an Influencer Marketing Agency, noted that “There is such a saturation at the top,” “We’ve seen a real push to work with smaller and smaller influencers, because their engagement is so high and we have the technology to work with a lot more influencers now and track and measure what is and isn’t working.”

    At Raiinmaker, the technology we built to connect that smaller influencer with high engagement, utilizes cutting-edge technology concepts such as a Decentralized Identity powered by MyFii, built on top of the Dragonchain blockchain. With a Decentralized Identity, users are able to provide various truths, such as how many followers they have or their geographic location with measurable proof to our clients to match their brand message needs and at lower risk. In fact, in a recent random sampling of 50 of our users, the average follower count was approximately only 500.

    Everyone is an Influencer at Raiinmaker

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