Promote a Campaign

By sharing campaigns, users are able to build ‘influence’ that is earned by your social sharing. The campaign owner leverages a score based on influence to reward said users. Promote a Campaign by selecting a previously accepted Campaign to ‘Grow’ and click the Promote button.

From here you can select (3) forms to share your campaign:

  • Copy Link - Copy your affiliate link to your clipboard to then use as you like.
  • Quick Share - Quickly share a template promo post to applications on your device via the mobile share feature.
  • Tracked Post - Promote a post on a linked social account to receive more tracking capabilities and thus receive more rewards (Currently Twitter is only Available).

Users are allowed to post relevant original content to promote the campaign, within the guidelines of our user agreement.

Please note that to be eligible for tracking and reward, your content must provide the required hashtags (#ad is always required) and be sure to add your affiliate link to each post.