Creating an Account

Sign Up

At Raiinmaker, we are utilizing a new concept in the account creation process called ‘Decentralized Identity’, powered by MyFii, built on the Dragonchain platform. We believe you should have complete control over the use of your data.

  1. Enter an ‘Identity Name’ (essentially it is an account name that only you see).
  2. Agree to the Raiinmaker Terms, User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  3. Click Create New Identity.
Verify a Factor

Here you are associating an email with your account, similar to normal log-in flows.

  1. Click Email as new factor.
  2. Enter your Email Address you want to associate.
  3. Enter Verification Code received by Raiinmaker to be verified.

Please note to recover an account you must set a username and recovery code. We cannot recover accounts without them.