Disrupting Influencer Marketing With Leading-Edge Technology

The most valuable currency in the world is social currency. Legacy social media platforms are currently reaping the majority of the financial benefits leveraging the value created through user social interactions. On Raiinmaker the community is rewarded for the network effects that they provide and projects have more tools to reward their community even at micro levels. That is Passion Rewarded.

The Influence Platform

Discover Projects. Start Sharing. Earn Rewards.

With Raiinmaker, you have the opportunity to support a passion or idea from prelaunch to market. The earlier and more you influence, the more you are rewarded. Raiinmaker campaigns are where the projects we are passionate about, break through the noise; by creating community together.

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Together, we’re changing the way that passion is rewarded.

Emerging technology is changing the way we live and connect. Raiinmaker empowers individuals to co-own social monetization across all their digital interactions and projects to build and harness the power of their passionate community.